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Up-dated 26th February 2012

Pat Cherry was elected as Hon.Secretary at the AGM which was held on Sunday 26th February 2012

****We are a small, friendly Breed Club specialising****
in the Breeding, Showing, Owning and Welfare of Oriental Cinnamons and Fawns in Self colours, Tortie, and all the Tabby patterns.

Also with Cinnamon and Fawn Point Siamese, again, including the Tortie and Tabby varieties.

**Because of the limited gene pool, our breeds are outcrossed to other colours of Oriental and Siamese as you will see from the Kitten/Stud Lists.

Our members breed Orientals and Siamese in all colours and coat patterns even though we specialise in Cinnamon and Fawn. Many litters are mixed both in colour and pattern and it is quite normal for there to be both Siamese and Oriental in the same litter of kittens. Put simply this means that it is possible for every kitten to be different from its brothers and sisters even though they have the same parents !!

Our members are represented at

  • The Governing Council of the Cat Fancy (GCCF)

  • The Oriental Breed Advisory Committee (OJBAC)

  • The Siamese Cat Joint Advisory Committee (SCJAC)

  • The Oriental Cinnamon and Fawn Group also maintains a Kitten List and a Stud List for our members and all people interested in our breeds

    We offer our members

  • Members Blog Area (Now Open)

  • On-Line Newsletters

  • Rosettes and Trophies

  • A Breeding Policy

  • Advice and Encouragement

  • Garden Party / Barbecue Get-togethers


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